Growing up in a fast paced Town really had its benefits, everything was at hand, busses every 2 mins during the day and everything within walking distance once you got of the bus. Edinburgh is famous for many things but the most famous is the FESTIVAL, this City hosts an array of talent on a Yearly basis, lots of stars have been recognised by the festival were they played a part, so they owe it to that for their stardom.
Most Festival shows are in the Centre of the Town, near Princess street in small venues on a daily basis, alas most of the shows are tickets only although during the summer there are lots of street entertainers  showing their talent for free.
Some of the showcases include ,children's Festival, Science festival and  much much more including the famous Military tattoo hosted around August every year, this attracts thousands of visitors worldwide and is a must if you ever plan to visit Scotland, tickets are always hot though so you need to be quick.
Not far from were I used to live is the yearly Leith festival, which is paraded in the streets with floats of various dressed up regalia, colourful and brilliant to see.

from the 6th to the 28th August yearly the tattoo attracts thousands of visitors yearly.
Edinburgh is a City of beauty but there is also plenty to see and do...


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